Dying in Winnipeg

One of the great things about hosting a symposium that has so many artists presenting is you get the most interesting abstracts (and head shots)! Below is  the abstract we received from Jon Paul Fiorentino which really made our day over at the Winnipeg Cultural Capital of Canada 2010 office.

Mr. Fiorentino will be presenting as part of the session: Skywalks and Suburbia– on Saturday, November 6 at 10:30 am


Don’t read me wrong —
I plan on dying in Winnipeg

In a strange way I
posit Winnipeg is where everything always dies:

Grandfathers, clock radios, Chevrolets
faith, journalists, fine-tip pens

Earle Nelson, hockey dads
your best friend from the old street…

I will let the rush-hour dust or the blowing
snow or the dance-hall fumes fill my lungs

I will simply wait, let my side-splitting body
fail under the flattering lights in the hallway

Of the underfunded Concordia Hospital
and don’t dream of visiting

But listen, there’s a show tonight
at the legion hall

And I have half a liver left and
a hatchback with a quarter tank

I’m not hard to be had

Jon Paul Fiorentino, Indexical Elegies, Coach House Press, 2010

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