More speakers and presenters announced

You can always find the full list of presenters at our website, or by visiting the Presenters page on this blog.

We are please to add three more presenters to our growing list!

Jim Agapito and Ervin Chartrand

Winnipeg, MB

Jim Agapito is a Filipino writer, producer, director from Winnipeg. He has worked in Canadian film and television for both broadcasters and independent productions for the past five years producing documentaries, short films, music videos and DVDs.

Ervin Chatrand is an award winning Metis filmmaker who resides in Winnipeg. He has directed multiple dramatic shorts, music videos and documentaries. Prior to film, Chartrand was a gang leader who reformed his life after being incarcerated. He continues to speak to youth about his experiences.

Read more about Jim Agapito and Ervin Chartrand here

Robert Houle

Toronto, ON

Robert Houle is a contemporary Anishnabe artist who has played a significant role in retaining and defining First Nations identity in Canada. He was born in St. Boniface, Manitoba and currently lives and works in Toronto.

Read Robert Houle’s full bio here

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